Electric insect traps

Electric insect trap is a device that attracts and annihilates insects that are attracted by UV fluorescent lamp’s light then the high-voltage grids kill the insects.

Do not apply the operating voltage insect traps in fire-prone areas or hazardous areas because of the electrical discharges!
(When the insect reaches a saturated voltage grid, electrical discharge may occur.)


Adhesive tape insect traps

The adhesive tape insect traps meet the HACCP standards.
The UV lamps luring the flying insects to the electric insect trap where the insects stuck to the impregnated adhesive sheet.


The adhesive tape insect traps designed to fit in

  • health institutions,
  • food manufacturing plants (eg. meat plants, slaughterhouses),
  • warehouses, hangars,

or any area where you have to keep the mandatory HACCP regulations,
and can not be used chemical insecticides.

The advantage of all adhesive tape insect traps that no dispersing insect remains.