M-300 cri cri Electric insect trap 1x6W

Size 132x165x330mm (L,W,H)
Weight 1,1 kg
Voltage 230V 50Hz
UV-A lamp 1×6 W
Lamp’s lifetime 1500 óra
Coverage 25 m?
Total Consumption 11 W
Grid Voltage 1500V



M-300 cri cri Electric insect trap 1x6W’s operating principle

M-300 cri cri Electric insect trap 1x6W?s fluorescent lamp emmits UV-A light. This light attracts the insects, thus they?ll fly toward the source of light. As they reach it, a high voltage (1500 V) electrode shocks them. This electrode is placed around the fluorescent lamp. Insects don?t need to fly on them, it?s enough to get near the electrode.


Always use this insect killer on a flat, linear surface inside (livingrooms, bedrooms), outdoors (such as gardens, terraces). For the maximum efficiency, darken the room as much as possible, and left at least 50 cm distance from the walls of the room. High voltage, well-designed electric insect killer. Attracts the insects with the fluorescent lamp, then shock them. The shocked insects fall onto the bottom of the insect killer, which is a collector of dead insects.

További információk

Life of the lamp

1500 hour

Power supply

230 V~ 50 Hz

Power consumption of the lamp

1 x 6 W

Total power consumption

11 W

Range of action (linear)

3 – 5 m

Voltage of the electrode

1500 V


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