M-309 electric insect trap 2×15 W

Discharge voltage 5000V
Size 355x155x315 mm (H)
Weight 4,2 kg
Voltage 230V/50Hz
UV-A Lamps 2×15 W
Lamp life 1500 h
Range of action 10-12 m
Total consumption 45 W
Standard equipment Small Chain


M-309 electric insect trap 2×15 W’s information

Light and compact, M-309 electric insect trap 2×15 W is extremely easy to clean thanks to a removable drawer


The strong structure ensures the longest life product also in hards working conditions.


Insect killer trap is equipped with two 15W UV-A Lamps it reaches a 30W performance and achieves an irradiation of 10-12m. The lamp case is molded to prevent water and dust penetration.


Approved by IMQ in IPX3 class. The grilles have been tested against oxidation and the bodywork is tested in order to resist extreme conditions of heat, dryness and cold.

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