M-354 Electric fan Insect trap – window-mountability

Weight 2,9 kg
Voltage 230V 50Hz
Lamp lifetime 1500 h
Motor speed 1000 rpm
Coverage 180 m?
Total consumption 44 W
Grid voltage 5000V


M-354 Electric fan Insect trap – window-mountability’s information

M-354 Electric fan Insect trap’s fluorescent lamp luring the insects to the fan, which sucks them up and blow off the outside of the building. Meanwhile, the apartment is replacing the stale air outside, even just a fan.


The insect trap can be built the side wall, window glass. Municipal and residential premises placed not only provides effective protection against insects, but also promotes air circulation. Gravity damper mounted on the discharge side. The switching is done with drawstring. The device is window mountable fan insect trap and gravity shutter.


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