M-363G Fan sterilizer insect trap killer

Size 245x220x340 mm (L,W,H)
Weight 2,6 kg
Voltage 230V 50Hz
UV-A Lamps 1×32 W
UV-C Lamps 1×9 W
Lamp life 2000 h
Range of action 10-12 m²
Total consumption 75 W
Motor speed 900/1050 rpm


M-363G Fan sterilizer insect trap killer’s information

M-363G Fan sterilizer insect trap killer is equipped with an internal UV-C lamp, it camptures the insects and sterilizes the drying air from microbes and bacteria. This model has been designed for hygienic and enivornmental purposes: Ideal for restaurants, butcheries, food shops, hospitals and clinics.

The Fan Motor works at two different speeds

Speed is slower and silent. It is perfect for capturing mosquitos during the night. The second one is faster, suitable for capturing bigger insects such as flies, horseflies, bedbugs during the day.

UV-C Lamps – Germicide

Low pressure mercury vapor lamps made by a glass envelope with short wave lenght and a peak of 253,7nm. This powerful light destroys the bacteria exposed to its luminous emissions. Due to its power it has been built into the unit and it is hidden from the outer sight. The air coming from the collecting drawer is filtered and sanitized.



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