M-368G Electric fan insect killer

Structure PC-ABS
Size 245x220x340 mm (H)
Weight 2,4 kg
Voltage 230V/50Hz
UV-A lamp 1×32 W
Coverage 14-16 m
Motor speed 900 rpm
Total consumption 55 W



M-368G Electric fan insect killer information

M-368G Electric fan insect killer is an electric fan insect trap that capturing insects with fan.


The 368G is made in PC+ABS self-estinguishing, its one speed engine makes it more economic than the other Insectivoro models. Its efficiency against most of the insects is comparable with that of the other items.


Equipped with a 32W lamps, The 368G covers a 14-16 meters range of action. The position of the lamps protects them from breaking in case of fall. The bulbs can be substituted easily following the users manual.


Designed to grant maximum safety and hygiene, the 368G has been certificated by IMQ.


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