M-396A ?KYOTO? Electric fan insect killer, 15W UV-A

Insectivoro by MO-EL aspirates insects silently and discreetly. The natural luring system attracts insects, because, they approach the trap identifying it as  their natural habitat. A suction system sucks them into an inner drawer, from which they can not escape. The fan is safe, it can be stopped by a slight touch of a finger. Silent, discrete and elegant.


Suction electroinsecticide ideal for indoor spaces. The pleasant design makes it suitable to be placed in any room on a piece of furniture, on the floor or hung on a wall. STRUCTURE The structure is in polypropylene. LAMPS Equipped with a 15 W UV-A actinic lamp, it provides a range of around 8-10 meters. SAFETY AND CLEANING Designed to ensure maximum hygiene and safety, this model is approved by IMQ and has a patented flap closure system in the event of a power failure.


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