M-700 MO-BUTTERFLY Adhesive tape insect trap 2×15 W

Size 112x435x400 mm (L,W,H)
Weight 2,5 kg
Voltage 230V 50Hz
UV-A Lamps 2×15 W
Lamp life 2000 h
Protection level IP55
Range of action 10-12 m?
Total consumption 40 W
Adhesive paper size 345×200 mm


M-700 MO-BUTTERFLY Adhesive tape insect trap 2×15 W’s information

M-700 MO-BUTTERFLY Adhesive tape insect trap 2×15 W is designed in conformity with HACCP and it is a powerful device for preventing and elminating all kind of insects in the surrounding environment. When insects get close to MO-BUTTERFLY, they stick on the adhesive papers, which are fixed on the sides.

Structure and installation

MO-Butterfly is completely made of aluminium and it is suitable for environments where food is prepared. Adhesive paper can be quickly removed, ensuring on easy and effective cleaning. It can be attached to the wall or to the ceiling. MO-BUTTERFLY comes with starting kit of 4 glue boards.


Equipped with two UV-A lamps with a power of 30W and an irradiation of 10-12  m?


Approved by IMQ in IP55 class and CE compliant. The electric parts, including the UV-A lamps are insulated and protected by the transparent and unbreakable coverage in compliance with health and safety standards.

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