M-7230 Geko Electric insect trap 2×15 W

Size 370x315mm (L,W)
Weight 4,3 kg
Voltage 240V 50Hz
UV-A Lamps 2×15 W
Lamp life 1500 h
Protection level IPX3
Range of action 12-15m
Total consumption 45 W
Voltage grid 5000V

NOW SALE PRICE: 22 500 Ft. +VAT!


M-7230 Geko Electric insect trap 2×15 W’s description

The two fluorescent light emitted by the UV light attracts flying insects to the device. The insects flying around the fluorescent light when a high voltage (5000 V) electrode close to descend, shake them, and the insects fall into the insect trap’s tray. M-7230 Geko Electric insect trap 2×15 W’s tray can be easily removed.


The device can be placed on flat, horizontal surface or courtyard, terraces. For maximum efficiency, allow at least 50cm distance from every wall in the room.


The insect trap has elegant design. The bottom of the trap is the output tray. The tubes of a special mechanism to be harvested without you touching them, or disassemble the device.


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