M-7298 GEKO Electric insect trap 2×40 W

Size 710x350x210mm (L,H,W)
Weight 8,3 kg
Power supply 230V 50Hz
UV-A fluorescent lamps 2×40 W
Lamp lifetime 2000 hours
IP Protection IPX4
Coverage 15-18 m
Total Consumption 95 W
Grid Voltage 5000V


M-7298 GEKO Electric insect trap 2×40 W?s information

The UV-A light, that is emitted by two fluorescent lamps, attracts flying insects to the device. If the insects flying around the fluorescent lamps fly close to the high voltage (5000 V) electrode, it shocks them, then they fall into the tray of the insect trap. The M7298 GEKO electric insect trap 2×40 W provides efficient flying insect capture in outdoor and indoor environments, as well.

M-7298 GEKO electric insect trap can be placed on a flat, linear, horizontal surface or you can hang it from a chain in your home, in the courtyard or in the terrace, too. In order to achieve maximal efficiency, leave at least 50 cm distance from each wall and darken the room.

It is a high voltage compact insect trap. You can find a tray on the bottom of the device that captures dead insects which you can remove easily.

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