M3688 MOON Electric fan insect killer

Structure ABS
Size 250x250x290 mm (L,H,W)
Weight 1,4 kg
Voltage 220-240V 50-60Hz
UV-A lamp 1×32 W
UV Lifetime 4000 H
Coverage 14-16 m?
Motor speed 1200 rpm
Motor performance 4,5 W
Protection level IP34


M3688 MOON Electric fan insect killer’s information

The IP34 water protection allows outdoor positioning. The 45° inclination boosts its efficiency against tiger mosquitos. The actinic 32W UV-A lamp ensures a coverage of more than 300 m2. The safety shell protects the lamp against impacts. M3688 MOON Electric fan insect killer is silent and it is equipped with an energy saving motor with a total consumption of 25W only.


BLUE MOON?s light imitates the luminous emission of the sun beams reflected by the water and thus it deceives and traps mosquitos. The 45° inclination and the intensity of the vacuum system makes it efficient against the aedes albopictus (tiger mosquito). The fan is safe and it stops whenever it is touched. The lamp is protected by a safety shell. Robustness and IP34 degree of protection make it a safe and efficient device both for indoor and outdoor spaces

NOW SALE PRICE: 20 500 Ft. +VAT!

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